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Special Interest Groups

Environmental Psychology

Environmental Psychology SIG is focused and committed to protecting and restoring the environment through education and training of PAP members, general public and other stakeholders in order to promote healthy and responsible behavior to ensure a sustainable future. The objectives for Environmental Psychology, SIG are as follows: (1) Generate interest in individual-level pro-environmental behavioral change; (2) Create opportunities to solve problems involving human-environmental interactions and promote activities that establish, manage, protect, and restore environments that foster sustainable development; and (3) Conduct research in the field of environmental psychology. The intended activities for Environmental Psychology, SIG are: (1) Knowledge sharing though training, seminars, workshops, and other educational campaign activities with PAP; and (2) Research on topics relevant to Environmental Psychology.  

LGBT Psychology

The PAP LGBT Psychology SIG is a growing collective of visible and active members with a shared LGBT-affirmative framework. We endeavor to empower LGBT Filipinos and improve societal well-being by generating and championing the utilization of evidenced-based resources on LGBT psychology, strengthening various areas of psychological practice, and participating in matters of public interest. We partner with PAP Divisions, other SIGs, and regional chapters through collaboration on activities for PAP members and the general public, creation of safe spaces for LGBT members, promotion of policies that support LGBT rights and well-being, and eradication of practices that undermine human dignity.

Mental Health Psychosocial Support

The Mental Health Psychosocial Support Special Interest Group (MHPSS-SIG) of the PAP provides socio-culturally appropriate services relative to the support, protection and promotion of mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of individuals, groups and institutions. Services include but not limited to providing psychological and psychosocial interventions, mental health education, psychosocial support, consultation, and trainings for volunteers, responders, and frontliners. It also establishes linkages with other groups and agencies to provide a more integrated humanitarian response. To better facilitate and coordinate response efforts, teams and networks in each region are created.

Positive Psychology

The SIG in Positive psychology is a group of PAP members who are interested in providing a forum, promoting linkages, and dialogue among psychologists with common interest in the promotion of human flourishing and thriving in specific cultural contexts. Our objectives are: (1) to create linkages among researchers, faculty, students, and practitioners of positive psychology and across academic disciplines; (2) to assist the professional development of positive psychology faculty, practitioners, and students; and (3) to advance the science of positive psychology and its research-based applications through interdisciplinary collaborative initiatives. 

Persons with Disabilities Psychology

Persons with Disabilities Psychology Special Interest Group endeavors to enhance scientific inquiry and high standards of practice in managing and treating persons with disabilities and fostering research and publication. This SIG also serves as advocacy forums to influence policy developments on PWD issues to enhance support and information sharing among practitioners interested in or working with people with disabilities, their families, and other support services. Moreover, this will maintain linkage with individuals and other professional organizations and advocacy groups supportive of the advancement of persons with disabilities communities around the country.

Psychology Practitioners in Public Service

The Psych Practitioners in Public Service (PPPubServ) is a Special Interest Group (SIG) for licensed/registered Psychologists and Psychometricians working as civil servants for the country. This encompasses the different sectors the Profession can work at: National Government Agencies (NGAs), Local Government Units (LGUs), State Hospitals, Schools, Community, Social Services, Human Resources, Military, Criminal Justice, Police Force and Public Safety, Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs), and similar public institutions. It serves as a venue for its members to discuss common professional interests and matters that affect the practice in the government setting. It also aims to address the needs of Psych Practitioners in Public Service for professional development.

Research in Psychology

The Research in Psychology Special Interest Group (RIP-SIG) brings together members of the Psychological Association of the Philippines that advocate for the development of research knowledge and skills among Filipino Psychologists and Psychometricians. In doing so, the SIG hopes to contribute to developing capabilities among professionals in our field to produce quality research that will enable us to actively participate in global conversations on topics within our fields of interest. The SIG also seeks to support the production of scholarly work that are of value to Psychology and that can contribute to nation-building. 

Sport and Exercise Psychology

Our Vision is to be the leading organization of professionals, practitioners, educators and researchers, committed to the development of sport and exercise psychology. We aim to enhance the performance of athletes, and promote the psychological well-being of Filipinos through sport and exercise. Our Mission focuses on the four (4) key areas of Education/Teaching, Research, Advocacy and Practice. We value Excellence, Integrity, Collegiality and Fun. 

Substance Use, Prevention, and Recovery

SIG SUPR is composed of a group of psychology practitioners interested in the study and practice of substance use treatment, prevention and recovery. The group is involved in the development and strengthening of evidence-based community-based drug rehabilitation practices, outpatient, inpatient treatment recovery support and continuing care for persons who use drugs.

Teaching Psychology Section

The PAP Teaching Psychology Special Interest Group, founded in 2010, is a community of competent, creative, and compassionate psychology teachers committed to the pursuit of excellence in the teaching and learning of Psychology. We are committed to: (1) Provide resources, opportunities, and services for teacher development; (2) Promote responsive, proactive, and reflective leadership that advocates the needs and well-being of its members; and (3) Build an empowered and supportive community of psychology teachers.

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